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​      Splice & Weave is versatile in its ability to create narrative, documentary, and experimental films.  Splice & Weave LLC owns rights to the films Velvet Citizen and Navigating THRU. 

      The name Splice and Weave is inspired by analog film. Lindsay Taylor Jackson began her early film career by learning photography, developing negatives, and printing 35mm in several dark room courses. Later, she shot on 16mm. She worked with the medium of 16mm, projectors, hand manipulated film, and even cut films on the Steenbeck. When she can, she still works with actual film to this day. When an edit is made, film strips are taped together and holes for the sprockets are punched. This is called "splicing" film. "Weave" is multifaceted. In order to project the film, it is weaved through a projector. Jackson loves working with tangible materials of all sorts, often weaving physical layers together. In the end, all of these mediums come together so the voices and images captured can weave a story.   


Jackson is an award-winning Filmmaker, Director of Photography, and Photographer. Jackson was one of nineteen (out of 750 applicants) chosen by the American Film Institute (AFI) for the very first Cinematography Intensive for Women (CIW). This program was sponsored by 21st Century Fox and in partnership with The American Society of Cinematographers (ASC). Recently, Jackson has been shooting on A Good Wolf (Dir. Ramey Newell), in and around Denali National Park in Alaska. This past fall she was the DP on the untitled Aliquippa project film (Dir. Megan Ruffe).

Previously, Jackson has worked as a Cinematographer and as an Assistant Editor on The Address for Florentine Films under Ken Burns and Editor, Craig Mellish, ACE. She first served as an intern for Florentine Films on The Dust Bowl, The Roosevelts: An Intimate History, and Prohibition.

Jackson has worked independently with the conception and making of her Czech film, Velvet Citizen (Fiscal Sponsorship: The International Documentary Association). She filmed in a small village in the Czech Republic for three years.

She Directed, Co-Shot, and Co-Edited Navigating THRU, a feature film about women thru-hikers of the Appalachian Trail. Navigating THRU is currently in a film festival run. The film just won "Best Feature" at the Smoky Mountain Film Festival (2020), and it was accepted and will be playing at the RiverRun Film Festival (2020).

Jackson also shot a harvest season in Sonoma and Napa Valley, California for the upcoming series, The Journey of Wine. Other titles in recent times include a Cinematographer on Miss Psychorama 1986 Horror Pageant TV Special (Dir. Jenny Plante) and additional cinematography on several documentaries including Being Thunder (French Dir. Stephanie Lamorre).

She often rotates between shooting documentaries, narratives, music videos, and commercials. She has shot an abundance of commercial work for TD Bank, educational institutions, tech companies, medical companies, etc. She has cut several projects and features extensively on Premiere, Avid, and Final Cut Pro X. She has done whatever it takes to make sure her independent work has kept moving forward.

Previously, Jackson served as a Teacher Assistant for many filmmakers during courses at Maine Media Workshops & College. Early in her career, she was accepted and attended a study abroad Production Track at FAMU (The Academy of Film and Performing Arts, one of the oldest and most prestigious film schools worldwide) in Prague of the Czech Republic. Her focus at FAMU was mainly in Cinematography. Jackson graduated from Keene State College with a Bachelor of Arts in Film Studies, where she was chosen to represent The School of Arts & Humanities for her graduating class. Earlier in life, she had also attended five pre-college courses at The Art Institute of Boston (Lesley University).

Jackson is usually on the road or across the globe working and making images. She loves getting out into nature, understanding new cultures, and finding shared patterns in the ways people think and live - all topics that are also incorporated into her films.

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